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The Dev Drop: AI Prompts, Reactive Magic, and Testing

May 18, 2023

Written By Yoav Ganbar

What up, devs?

I’ve finally had a chance to meet all the Builder team in person which was very exciting. It’s a pretty fun experience de-virtualizing. Other than that, there are some interesting things from the Google IO event with some exciting new web platform features coming to a browser near you.

But without further ado, here’s the Dad Joke of the day:

Did you know that all the ants are female?



Because if they’d be male, they’d be uncles.

Latest from the Blog

Vishwas kept on doubling down on more AI content for y’all with a way to rapidly mock APIs with ChatGPT and json-server.

Another handy post from Vishwas gives you 50+ ChatGPT prompts for web development.

Wanna learn how to test your custom React hooks with React Testing Library? Vishwas has got you covered 💪🏽.

If you’ve wondered what visual editing is in a headless CMS, Steve compared 4 different approaches.

It’s always a ride following all the dev news happening at such a fast pace. Don’t let your FOMO get ahead of you, and if you enjoy this newsletter, share it with your friends! 😊

That’s it for this time.


Introducing Visual Copilot: convert Figma designs to code using your existing components in a single click.

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Hand written text that says "A drag and drop headless CMS?"

Introducing Visual Copilot:

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