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$14M to Build Faster Together

October 18, 2021

Written By Steve Sewell & Brent Locks

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve raised $14M in Series A funding from Greylock Partners, with participation from Imaginary Ventures, and a number of strategic angel investors. We’re especially proud that Greylock and all of our institutional investors from our seed round, including Good Friends, Firebolt Ventures, and Sugar Capital, were excited to double-down with us on this new round of funding. You can read more about it here.

API-first products and platforms are exploding. They offer developers complete flexibility to design and build systems with their preferred technologies and solutions. In the commerce landscape, this is ushering in innovative technologies around composable commerce, headless commerce, and MACH architecture. We love what these trends unlock for online merchants and the developers that support them.

But, it’s exacerbating a growing problem that large-scale digital businesses face, especially in the commerce space: business teams --- digital product teams, marketers, designers -- lack the ability to create and manage digital experiences within their sites and apps without constantly relying on developers. Every time a commerce business wants to launch a new product, test new homepage placements, or try and optimize their conversion funnel, they need to tap developers for support, slowing down site updates and ultimately hindering growth.

To solve this problem, the modern tech stack needs a new layer: a visual layer.

That’s where Builder resides. As a universal visual experience platform, Builder enables anyone within an organization to visually create and manage digital experiences on any tech stack. As a result, teams can move faster, learn faster, and drive growth faster, together.

We have over 400 customers -- 6X more than when we started 2021 -- visually building and optimizing digital experiences with our platform. This new funding will help us make visual building more universal and accessible to all, so that digital businesses can build faster than ever before.

Today, we’re also thrilled to announce the launch of a new capability that more seamlessly integrates Builder into any modern tech stack: universal connectors.

Universal connectors enable customers to bring content and data from any ecommerce backend, headless CMS, or data source into Builder to visually create rich, dynamic content experiences. We’ve built out dozens of universal connectors for popular commerce platforms, like Salesforce Commerce Cloud and commercetools, and headless CMS, like Contentful and Contentstack. Read more about universal connectors here and see our full list of integrations.

We’re just getting started. And we’re hiring. Let’s build together.


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