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Introducing universal connectors

October 18, 2021

Written By Brent Locks

Builder was created to enable anyone on any tech stack to create digital experiences. Today, we’re excited to launch a new capability that makes it even easier to bring ideas to life through visual building: universal connectors.

To date, customers could bring any content or data source into Builder through an API integration, but that would require a developer. Universal connectors allow you to connect with any data source in only a few steps (e.g. API keys, authentication, etc.) and without a developer writing any code.

For launch we’ve developed two universal connectors: universal data connectors and universal commerce connectors. Using these connectors, we’ve built dozens of integrations to seamlessly create rich content experiences.

Universal data connectors

You have all of this data sitting in content management systems (CMS) and other sources that are currently only available to developers via APIs. But now you can connect that data to Builder to visually build out dynamic digital experiences.

For example, you have an ambassador program and you want to customize the look and feel of both your ambassador directory and your ambassador profile pages. And each time you add a new ambassador you don’t want to have to rely on a developer, or update the pages again yourself. With a data connector, you can access any data and have complete drag and drop control to create the experiences the way you want. And as your data set grows (i.e. you add new ambassadors), your content will automatically update; no additional work required. (You can replace ambassadors with products, recipes, blog posts, influencers, articles, instructors, or anything else. There’s no limit to what you can create.)

We’ve already developed integrations with leading headless CMS platforms, like Contentful and Contentstack, with more coming soon. And if you’re using Builder as a headless CMS to manage your structured content via data models, then you can access that data in one click.

Universal commerce connectors

You can now connect any ecommerce backend to Builder without writing any code. The connector allows you to access your product and collection data (e.g. categories) from your ecommerce platform to create rich, shoppable experiences. There is no longer a divide between content and commerce. You can make anything shoppable. For example, you can blend content from blog posts, recipes, workout classes, etc. with products and collections to capture intent to purchase at the moment of discovery.

We expanded beyond our existing integration with Shopify, and have created connectors for several popular commerce platforms, including Salesforce Commerce Cloud, commercetools, VTEX, BigCommerce, and more. You can see our full list of integrations here.

The best part: it’s all open-source

All of these connectors are built using our open-source plugin system. So, while we’ve created dozens of integrations with leading platforms and solutions, any data source can be connected to Builder with little developer assistance.

We're excited to launch these new capabilities and integrations to make no-code through visual building truly universal!


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