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Shopify Unite 2021 Recap

June 10, 2021

Written By Steve Sewell

What an exciting day for Shopify merchants! The most significant announcements were major improvements to managing your online store. Most notably Online Store 2.0, which includes the long-awaited "Sections Everywhere", available to all merchants today, and a preview of Hydrogen, Shopify's upcoming headless commerce solution.

How does Online Store 2.0 affect my store?

Online Store 2.0 will give you even more control over the entirety of your online store. It is incrementally adoptable (you can move one page at a time to the new format) and should work well with many apps out of the box.

Credit: Shopify

Absolutely! Already today you can create custom sections (as described here) to use Builder's powerful drag and drop visual editor as sections within the new Online Store 2.0 UIs.

Soon, we will release a Theme App Extension to allow adding and updating Builder-editable sections anywhere in your store without needing to add the small code snippet required for today's method, described above.

We are extremely excited to see Shopify taking modern, headless development seriously. Offering a first-class headless option will make it easier than ever for Shopify Plus merchants to improve the speed and flexibility of their storefronts.

Credit: Shopify

Absolutely! Our React SDK is a perfect fit for Hydrogen and will allow you to visually build, edit, and optimize your headless store, just as you can today. You can learn more about how to use with Hydrogen here

We couldn't be more excited from Shopify's latest Unite announcements. In the coming weeks we will be publishing more content on how to adopt Shopify's latest storefront features, and how to leverage Builder to create and optimize content faster than ever.

Have questions for how to modernize your storefront? Reach out!


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