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Web Development

Qwik’s Next Leap - Moving Forward Together

March 26, 2024

Written By The Qwik Team

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you today!

Qwik, which started as a small project we really needed for our own product, has grown into a worldwide phenomenon.

Ever since Qwik 1.0 got released we’ve been fortunate to have a lot of excited developers joining our community and wanting to contribute and help.

Since the beginning, our goal with Qwik was to benefit the entire JavaScript community and to help push the web forward.

That’s why we’ve made it a first priority to listen very carefully to the needs of our community members and the companies who are using Qwik in production and to make sure Qwik solves their issues, too.

To achieve that we kept monitoring our discord and social media accounts and also proactively sent community surveys to gather feedback about what our developers need and how the project can be further improved.

In the past year, we heard 3 things that kept repeating:

  1. Bigger ecosystem for Qwik
  2. More (and faster) activity on core
  3. Make Qwik a true community-driven project

You spoke, we listened

You told us — “This is the time to make Qwik grow faster and better,” and you are completely right!

This means, for example, more ecosystem projects that fill in the missing gaps large-scale applications need.

That’s why we focused some of our efforts on helping out community-led projects such as Qwik UI and others to be the most robust and “optimized for Qwik” they can be.

But growing faster and better also means better collaboration.

We know that our community is the lifeblood of Qwik.

Our very talented and hardworking team — Misko, Adam, and Manu — managed to create a fully featured framework (and meta-framework) in a relatively short time compared to the team size.

We are now ready to take it to the next step.

Qwik has matured and gone from an experimental new framework to a project companies depend on.

So in order to respect these companies and based on the feedback we got, we decided to expand the core team, and decided to do it in collaboration with other companies and our awesome community.

We are really proud of the products we’re building here at, and we believe they are a really great fit for Qwik (that’s why we built this framework in the first place).

But in order to bring more people along for the journey, we realized that a few changes are needed.

First of all - branding.

We ( will keep supporting and sponsoring the efforts behind Qwik, but we would like to make it easier for other companies that are invested in Qwik to support it as well, in the way of an open collective.

That’s why, in the next couple of weeks, you’ll start noticing some changes around the Qwik brand.

Our discord will be renamed to Qwik, our GitHub repo will be moved to our (already existing) QwikDev repo, and for version 2, the only breaking change we’re planning to introduce will be a new npm organization named @QwikDev, which 2.x versions will get published under.

Our logo will still be the leading sponsor of the project and you might notice more logos in the future in a sponsors section, but the focus will be on Qwik.

We feel these changes reflect what you’ve been asking for — more and faster activity on the core framework and a true community project feel for the contributors involved, while staying true to our core values and the driving philosophy behind Qwik.

In addition to these changes, we’ll start implementing a new project management process and governance model that will make it easier for community members and companies to join the effort and help to materialize Qwik’s vision of Automatic Optimization (with JavaScript Streaming and Resumability) for the benefit of all web developers.

Qwik belongs to all of us, and now it’ll be driven by all of us…together! 🙌

We’re working hard on making Qwik V2 awesome without any breaking API changes.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on our progress using our Qwik discord and our new (and soon-to-be-revealed) blog on the new website.

We wanted to take this opportunity to also thank our awesome community members who contribute to Qwik core. Without them it wouldn’t be where it is today — Wout Mertens, Giorgio Boa, Roman Zanettin, Jack Shelton, Dmitry Stepanenko, Michal Popek, Ken Parsons, Sebastian Rapport, PatrickJS, and many many more!

Thank you. 🙏

We’re excited to see Qwik become…well…Qwiker! 😊💪⚡

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