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Introducing App Templates and our integration launch partners

April 26, 2021

Written By Brent Locks

👉 Tip: This blog post announced the launch and first app template partners. View our full list of app templates and integrations here.

Third-party apps are a foundational and critical layer of the ecommerce ecosystem that we are proud to be a part of. Merchants integrate third-party apps and technologies into their storefronts to drive growth and improve efficiency. As a visual building platform enabling anyone, especially ecommerce merchants, to build and optimize digital experiences, it’s critical that we support our ecosystem partners. 

To date, the Builder platform has been able to support any third-party app with an embed code or an API. Embed codes are great because they enable non-developers to install/copy/paste a code snippet to create the intended experience, but oftentimes that code can slow down page loads and negatively impact site performance. On the flip side, API integrations have minimal impact on site performance, but require a developer to set up and maintain.

Over the last few months, we’ve been building out infrastructure that brings the best of both worlds together: API-first integrations with third-party app partners that a non-developer can drag and drop into any Builder content. 

Introducing App Templates

We have worked with our integration partners to create API-first, drag and drop templates for common use cases and experiences, like product reviews, product recommendations, marketing acquisition and subscription payments.

With App Templates, you can drag and drop these dynamic templates into any Builder content, completely customize their look and feel, A/B test how and/or where they display, and even target different experiences at different audiences. And, importantly, because it’s API-first, it’s fast and compatible with any tech stack, whether hosted on Shopify or headless with any ecommerce backend (though some initial integrations are Shopify-only). 

Over the next several days we’re going to announce our initial integration partners. See below, and stay tuned!

Introducing, Rebuy +

Personalization is a proven strategy to increase conversion, average order value and retention. Doing it effectively at scale requires you to harness the power of data and turn it into actionable intelligence. This is exactly what Rebuy does for Shopify merchants. 

Rebuy leverages a merchant’s customer and storefront data to deliver advanced recommendations, personalization and more, at scale. The result is enhanced merchandising and product discovery that increases average order values and repeat purchase behavior. 

We’re extremely excited to have Rebuy as our first app template for personalization.

Leveraging Rebuy in your Builder content unlocks all sorts of new merchandising capabilities. You can drag and drop the Rebuy app template into any of your Builder content to dynamically display best sellers, product recommendations based on the product a visitor is viewing, or based on what is in their shopping cart. And, of course, you can completely customize the look and feel of the template, test different attributes and placements, and create a high-converting, personalized shopping experience for all your visitors. 

Learn more about our app template for Rebuy here

Email is one of the most crucial channels for merchants, and it can also be the most lucrative one. Some of Builder’s merchant customers generate over half their sales from email alone. That is only possible by leveraging a robust, seamless email service provider, like Klaviyo

Klaviyo is one of the most popular technology products leveraged by online merchants because it was built and designed for ecommerce. Merchants are able to leverage a powerful suite of segmentation tools, targeting capabilities, customizable templates, advanced automation workflows, and much more, to deliver timely, high-converting emails to customers. 

We are thrilled to have Klaviyo as our first app template partner for email acquisition.

You can now drag and drop a Klaviyo app template into any Builder content, which generates a customizable form that is pre-configured to send any submitted data to your Klaviyo account. These forms can be added to any page or section of your site, including landing pages, checkout flows, pop-ups, and more, and allow you to collect nams, emails, and phone numbers. Growing your email list is a critical way to drive sustained, long-term growth for your business, and we’re excited to make this easier and more performant with our new Klaviyo app template. 

Learn more about our app template for Klaviyo here

Can't find your app?

Drop us a line with your integration request here.

Product reviews are a powerful way to merchandise products and build trust with customers. Highlighting product-specific social proof is a proven way to increase conversion rates and average order value. There is arguably no better way to merchandise product landing pages and product pages than with product reviews. 

Yotpo’s product review and user generated content solution is a market leader. Yotpo integrates data-driven solutions for reviews, loyalty, SMS marketing, and more, empowering brands to create smarter, higher-converting customer experiences and increase lifetime value.

We are very pleased to have Yotpo as our first app template partner for product reviews.

You can now drag and drop a Yotpo app template into any Builder content. The Yotpo app template can be dropped on any page to collect product reviews and highlight existing reviews for specific products on any part of your storefront. You can completely customize the look and feel of the reviews widget so that every aspect matches your brand aesthetic. And, of course, you can A/B test how the reviews appear and where they appear to have the most impact. Merchandising product content with completely customizable product reviews has never been easier. 

Learn more about our app template for Yotpo here

Subscriptions for physical products are exploding, and for good reason. They offer consumers convenience and reliability, while offering merchants a stable and impactful revenue stream that can contribute mightily to lifetime customer value. 

ReCharge is the leading subscription payments solution in the ecommerce space. The ReCharge platform allows merchants to reduce their churn and increase lifetime value by creating a seamless buying experience. It not only lets merchants get started with subscriptions in minutes, but it also provides a whole suite of capabilities that ensures end customers have a simple and fulfilling experience. 

We are very excited to have ReCharge as our first app template partner for subscriptions.

You can now drag and drop a ReCharge app template into any Builder content. On product pages, the app template will automatically generate a subscription widget that is pre-configured for the respective product page a customer is on. Dragging the app template into any other page simply requires entering a product ID to generate the subscription widget. We’ve seen merchants have lots of success using ReCharge on landing pages to acquire first time buyers and build long-lasting, high-value relationships. 

Subscriptions can be a phenomenal source of revenue and growth for an online merchant. We’re thrilled to make leveraging subscriptions across any part of the storefront easier and more performant with our new ReCharge app template. 

Learn more about our app template for ReCharge here.

Can't find your app?

Drop us a line with your integration request here.

SMS is emerging as one of the top performing communication channels for ecommerce merchants. It’s a way to create a direct line of communication with your customers to build long lasting, loyal relationships. 

Postscript has quickly emerged as the leading SMS marketing platform for Shopify stores, trusted by thousands of ecommerce brands and retailers of all sizes. Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with them on our first app template for SMS acquisition.

You can now drag and drop a Postscript app template into any Builder content, including landing pages, checkout flows, pop-ups, and more. The app template generates a fully customizable form to capture customer phone numbers, and is pre-configured to send the submitted data back to your Postscript account. Growing your SMS list is a critical way to drive sustained, long-term growth for your business, and we’re excited to make this easier and more performant with our new Postscript app template. 

Learn more about our app template for Postscript here


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