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Digital storytelling in the holiday season

August 3, 2022

Written By Julia Shkrabova

It seems the Holiday craze starts earlier and earlier every single year. 

And as a shopper, I gotta say... I love it. Sure, maybe there’s people out there who want to feel the rush of elbowing someone out of their way, half asleep at Best Buy on Black Friday. But most of us? Well… I want the best price, for the best assortment, and the earlier the better. Bonus points if I don’t have to leave my house.

I read somewhere that in 2021, close to 60% of surveyed “buyers” claimed to be completely finished with their Holiday shopping before Cyber Week even started. So yeah - there’s pressure to “hit them early”.

Now, I’ve also worked in e-commerce for most of my career, so I know just how much work actually goes into “hitting them” at all… let alone the need to repeatedly bring up holiday launches and meet the ever-changing shopper demand.

Acquiring and retaining a customer is not easy - not during the holidays, not ever. Today’s shoppers expect to know what your brand is about with just a few clicks around your digital storefront. And it doesn’t stop there. If I’ve already bought from a brand then don’t show me a first-time-buyer coupon. If I’ve purchased a pair of jeans before - could you remind me of my size and make it that much easier to convert? And if your homepage doesn’t refresh at least once a week.. well there goes your Gen Z audience.

Let's be clear - the issue is never lack of ideas, creativity or inspiration. Ask any marketer and they will passionately rattle off one idea after the next, each of which could very well be what drives the company’s success that year.

No, the issue has always been limited technical resources. If you’ve never seen an engineer’s Kanban board in JIRA, take my word for it: they’re busy. And when it comes to holiday campaigns, landing pages, placements, etc. each Holiday project a developer takes on limits their ability to contribute to other business-critical tasks. So, you’re stuck pairing down your list of ideas, and with that, possible revenue upside.

Well... I’m here to tell you there’s another option.

Our Visual CMS connects to any existing site (or app) and provides a drag-and-drop experience to create, manage, and test content faster… without having to wait on developer support.

Whether you are on Shopify, Salesforce, BigCommerce, or any other e-commerce platform, plug Builder in and get to work on all of your shoppable holiday content ideas - once you have the right tools, there’s no stopping you.

So, if you want my advice… it's this: stand out this holiday season by taking the extra time to connect with your shoppers. People are looking for a connection and inspiration, so don't be afraid to show shoppers that they’re buying from a real person, and not a faceless entity (does this blog read faceless entity to you?!).

Here are a few Holiday ideas that can really move the needle - especially once you have the tools to tackle on your own.

  • Build, A/B test, target, and schedule as many announcement bars as you want with your holiday messaging… on your own.
  • Inspire shoppers with trends and recommendations on shoppable blogs and gift guides… on your own.
  • Treat every locale, shopper-group, and traffic source in their own special way with our out-of-the-box targeting functionality… on your own.
  • Add special messaging along the shopper journey to increase AOV and conversion… on your own.
  • Whip up as many sale pages as you want, in minutes.. all on your own.

Check out our recent webinar, where I was joined by my colleague, Hamza Iqbal, to demonstrate how to seamlessly create the above experiences in minutes.

And that’s just scratching the surface - reach out to your Builder customer success manager or our sales team to learn more about how Builder can help you accomplish your Holiday goals.


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