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Bun vs. Node.js, A first look at HTMX, Visual Headless CMS why and how + Builder Velocity

September 22, 2023

Written By Yoav Ganbar

What’s good devs?

‘Tis the season of conferences and events!

Exciting news!

We’re partnering with Figma for our upcoming Builder Velocity event. Improve the quality of life for developers and designers by speeding up the process from design to code. Join us on October 12th. You can also build your own ticket while you’re at it. 🤯💥

(The most creative designs might be eligible for a prize! 🎁)

More going on: Vercel announced Next.js confNxConf is coming up, ViteConf is around the corner, Armada.js is on at about the same time (which I’ll be a speaker at 🤩), and there are probably more events that I haven’t come across.

Of course, the day we published the last issue, the whole DHH TypeScript drama happened, and wow, there were a few 🌶️ takes. Like thisthis, and this. I also couldn’t help discussing it a bit, so I put out a podcast episode about it.

Other than that we had a lot of hot new pre-releases and official releases. We’ll get to it below!

And now for your favorite part of the newsletter, dad joke of the day:

Why was the JavaScript developer sad?



Because he didn't get any callbacks!

Latest from the Builder Blog

Visual headless CMS: the what, why and how

A new knowledge page dropped — Visual headless CMS: the why and how.

So it’s been a busy few weeks as you can tell!

Web dev never ceases to amaze me. I think this is one of the more passionate groups of people that roam the earth. Just say a word or an opinion about some tech they use and get the wrath of a billion fingers on social.

Not saying it’s good, or bad. It’s just the way it is. I don’t know about you, but I rather be in a space where just the fact that I used the word “space” and not “tab” might cause a riot than being in a space where nobody even cares to respond to your posts. 😂

And on that note, keep it real, stay passionate, and catch you on the next one!

Peace out ✌🏽



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