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November 22, 2021

Written By Noa Shavit

SAN FRANCISCO - November 22nd, 2021 - joins the MACH Alliance, the group of independent tech companies dedicated to advocating for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems, demonstrating’s commitment to the MACH model. is a headless, no-code page builder and CMS that enables non-technical teams to create fast experiences visually. joins the alliance on a mission to future-proof enterprise technology and propel current and future digital experiences.

"We believe very strongly in API-first, headless approaches to development and the freedom and flexibility that comes with it,“ says CEO Steve Sewell. “We are excited to be able to provide a high-performance visual layer for the modern tech stack and support large-scale digital businesses supporting a MACH architecture. With, developers can create a toolkit for non-technical teams to use to visually manage their existing digital experiences using their existing components and design system. We’re thrilled to partner with such amazing companies to advance future-proof, high-performance MACH technology."

Headless sites are incredibly fast and flexible. They make integration with any API-first vendor a breeze, but they come with a cost of constant reliance on developer resources for even the smallest of tasks (e.g. adding a button to a section). solves this with a visual editor that allows non-developers to build high-performance experiences using the elements and permissions their developers provide.

About is a headless visual development platform that lets non-technical teams add and optimize fast digital experiences to their current site, using their existing design system and components. integrates seamlessly with any stack, instantly adding drag and drop functionality to your existing website.

Everlane, AfterPay, Atoms, and Alo Yoga are just a few examples of companies that are moving faster and building visually with

For more information visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Introducing Visual Copilot:

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