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Forge Ahead or Fall Behind: Embracing the Composable Commerce Trend

Join Kibo,, Ignitiv, and special guest analyst Joe Cicman from Forrester as we discuss the labyrinth of decisions, architectural complexities, and unknown unknowns in the pursuit of digital transformation with composable commerce through the lens of our experiences and best practices.

During the webinar you will learn about:

  • Forrester’s perspective on who composable commerce is actually for (spoiler alert: not everyone)
  • The importance of customer obsession in the adoption of composable commerce
  • Real-world case studies highlighting successes and pitfalls in shifting to a composable architecture
  • Why companies like Kibo, Builder, and Ignitiv are teaming up together in the market to drive adoption of composable commerce


Speaker photo

Joe Cicman

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Speaker photo

Alexis Hail

Sr. Director, Global Partnerships & Alliances, Kibo

Speaker photo

Rajib Das

Founder & CEO, Ignitiv

Speaker photo

Brent Locks



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