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From Design to Code: Using AI to Ship Websites And Apps With Enormous Efficiency

What's in the eBook:

1. Stats Evaluating The Impact Of Design to Code Workflows On Productivity

  • Specific challenges top-tier companies have in turning Figma designs into live web pages and apps
  • Stats evaluating how design-to-code bottlenecks affect productivity in the design and development process

2. How Design-to-Code Tooling Evolved Into A Realistic Solution

  • The problems designer-developer handoff tools like Zeplin solved for early UI design tools
  • How the first take at automated design-to-code tooling solved some styling and CSS issues but introduced new problems
  • How AI and LLMs helped fulfill the design-to-code promise of turning designs into high-quality Javascript, HTML, React Native, iOS, and Android front-end code components

3. How Design-To-Code Tools Work With Design Systems

  • How AI design-to-code tools such as the Figma plugin improve design system and component library utilization by helping teams automatically map design elements to existing reusable components
  • Practical examples of how design-to-code tools help developers create and integrate new components with their design systems and codebase

4. How to Use Design-To-Code Tools To Go Directly From Design To Live

  • Scenarios where you can bypass the development stage, moving directly from design to live production without a developer.
  • A design-to-code case study showcasing dramatic improvements in efficiency and time savings.

5. Practical Steps For Piloting Design-To-Code

  • Who in an organization should “own” the design-to-code tooling
  • Actionable step-by-step guidance on implementing design-to-code tools in your organization


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Brent Locks



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