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The Headless CMS with a Visual Editor

Creating, iterating, and managing digital experiences with a traditional headless CMS can be inefficient and slow down growth. A new paradigm is needed that works for the entire digital organization. Introducing, Visual Headless CMS.

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Traditional Headless CMS Facts


  • API-first content management
  • Integrates with any tech stack
  • Manage and deliver content to any channel
  • Flexible & customizable for large-scale business needs
  • Performant


  • Cannot drag & drop to visually build
  • Limited to only structured data resulting in rigid templated experiences
  • Heavy reliance on developers
  • Key ancillary functionality (e.g. A/B testing, personalization) requires buying and orchestrating other tools

It shouldn’t be either-or.

We want teams to be free of the limitations of a traditional headless CMS. That's why we're pioneering a new set of tools that will change the way you create and publish content today.

Introducing Visual Headless CMS

  • Seamless integration with your existing sites & apps
  • Drag & drop your components, visually build from scratch, or choose any hybrid approach
  • One click to publish pages, A/B tests & more
  • Full control over your content development workflow

See how we stand out

Builder gives you far more flexibility.

Builder gives you far more flexibility.

Compare features

Popular Headless CMS

Theme template & page compatibility

Fast / headless / tech stack agnostic

Structured data and content models

Templating system

Publish across channels and locals

Ecommerce integrations

Integrates with third-party and homegrown tools

Drag and drop code components

e.g. design system


Drag and drop visual editor


Drag and drop bespoke pages and sections

Real-time preview across devices

Optimization layer

A/B testing, analytics, targeting & segmentation

Why Visual Headless CMS?

Let your business teams self-serve their requests and free up developer capacity to focus on business-critical projects.

Remove bottlenecks and interdependencies from the content development process so teams build faster and speed up their build-measure-learn cycles.

Boost team morale by allowing them to work more autonomously while also collaborating more efficiently, leading to increased productivity and happier teams.

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Use what you already have or build a future-proof stack

Lastly, Builder’s Visual Headless CMS can be incrementally adopted. You don't have to rebuild your frontend from scratch—you can build on top of what you already have. And if you decide to replatform, it's easy: content created in Builder's Visual CMS will seamlessly migrate to your new platform.

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