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Learn how to convert Figma to HTML using Visual Copilot, a headless commerce guide, and how to train your AI

December 15, 2023

Written By Vishwas Gopinath

Hey there, devs!

It's Vishwas here, back from a relaxing vacation, ready to bring you the latest from all things tech. And guess what? We just celebrated the 28th birthday of JavaScript last week – can you believe how far we've come with this amazing language?

As we move into December, with the holiday spirit in the air, you'd think the tech world would slow down a bit, right? But no, it's buzzing more than ever, proving there's no rest for the wickedly talented. So, before we dive into all that's new and exciting, here's a quick dad joke to kick things off:

How do you comfort a JavaScript bug? You console it!

All right, let's gear up and dive into the latest tech updates, shall we?

Latest from the Builder Blog
Layouts vs Templates

Understand the what, why, and when of layouts and templates in Next.js 14 in my latest blog post.

Hydration Overlay

Sami created hydration-overlay , a tool to easily squash hydration errors.

Latest from the Builder Blog
Latest from the Builder Blog
  • SvelteKit 2 is officially released, with support for Svelte 5, and shallow routing!
  • Redux Toolkit v2.0.0 brings updates like enhanced ESM/CJS compatibility, improved RTK Query subscriptions, new 'dynamic middleware', and TypeScript improvements.
  • Vitest, the Vite-powered unit test framework, hits the significant milestone of version 1.0.0.
  • Stylex, the styling system that powers Meta has finally been open-sourced. StyleX offers fast performance, scalability for large codebases, predictable CSS selector management, composability, type safety, and co-located styling for readability and maintainability.
  • Explore the latest advancements in Million 3.0, a cutting-edge virtual DOM library, as it introduces new optimizations for a more efficient web development experience.
  • Astro introduces version 4.0, featuring the innovative Astro Dev Toolbar, enhanced internationalization routing, and experimental content caching for faster, more efficient builds.
  • Stellate recently unveiled Fuse.js, a strongly opinionated framework designed for building typesafe data layers.
  • XState v5 is here, offering a simplified approach to building complex applications. It features a streamlined API, enhanced state machine capabilities, improved TypeScript support, and a reduced bundle size.
  • Expo Router v3 beta is now available.
  • Storybook 7.6, the latest and last minor version in the Storybook 7 series, brings enhanced performance and user experience, better integrations with various frontend tools, and sets the stage for the upcoming major release. You can also use RSCs in Storybook by upgrading to Storybook 8.0 alpha.
  • perfume.js is a web performance library for measuring all performance vitals metrics

And that's all for this edition of our newsletter!

If you've got feedback, suggestions, or a tech joke that you can't wait to share, I'm all ears. For those of you heading off early for the December holidays, I wish you a very happy and restful time.

Catch you in the next one, Vishwas

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Introducing Visual Copilot:

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