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The Dev Drop: Visualizing the Node.js event loop, Qwik in RC, Builder gets AI

April 6, 2023

Written By Yoav Ganbar

Welcome to issue number 1 of The Builder Dev Drop!

We hope you enjoy keeping up to date on our latest blog posts and other interesting tidbits about the JavaScript ecosystem.

…and the occasional lame humor that comes directly from where Miško stores his jokes… His Dada-base.

(yes, ☝🏽 that’s the joke)

Latest from the Blog

Qwik has reached a huge milestone — RC (Release Candidate). This is a huge undertaking by the core team members and brings us one step closer to V1.

Steve wrote a post titled “The Future of AI-driven Design and Development, Today” where he showcases the latest has to offer in the AI space.

Vishwas has started a series that visualizes the Node.js event loop. Keep your eyes out for the continuation of this series.

Miško had a close look at the differences between using == and === and how one is 15X faster than the other.

Manu wrote about different web APIs that can help improve UX for resource-intensive apps.

  • For a fast way to create mock data, Mock APU Generator by Aash and Moksh will do it for you with the power of AI.
  • Feel like you need ChatGPT on every website? WriteGPT will make your dreams come true.
  • Seems like the theme of this newsletter is mostly AI — here’s AI Colors, a tool for generating colors with it.
  • AnimXYZ helps you create CSS animations without writing a single keyframe.
  • Formidable Labs put out an editable React source code component, which you can use to display “live” React code. It’s called “React Live”.

We hope you enjoyed the first issue of the Builder Dev Drop. If you’ve enjoyed it, please do share it with your friends!


At Builder, we believe in iterating, so if you have any feedback, let us know.

Visually build with your components is a headless CMS that lets you drag and drop with your components right within your existing site.

// Dynamically render your components
export function MyPage({ json }) {
  return <BuilderComponent content={json} />

registerComponents([MyHero, MyProducts])


Hand written text that says "A drag and drop headless CMS?" is a headless CMS that lets you build visually with your components.

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