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Introducing Theme Studio 2.0 - the ultimate no-code solution for Shopify storefronts

By Steve Sewell

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Theme Studio 2.0 for Shopify storefronts.

We took the ultimate no-code solution for Shopify that lets you build, customize and optimize any part of your theme and storefront, and made it even simpler and more powerful.

Read on to see what's new:

Streamlined creation flows

The new creation flows make it incredibly easy to choose the type of content you want to create (e.g. collection page vs. product page), how you want to create the content (full page vs. section of a page), and if you want to target this content based on product, collection, audience behavior, etc.

Visual blog post creation

Builder Theme Studio now supports building blog posts with Builder's drag and drop editor. Easily create rich, interactive, shoppable blog articles that stand out like never before.

Intuitive organization

Your content is now organized by your site's structure, making it much easier to navigate. Your content is automatically grouped by type. You'll find all your pages grouped into one list and all your sections grouped into another. These lists act as folders. For example, if you click into Landing pages then you will see all your Landing page content entries you've created in Builder.

Powerful new import options

Builder Theme Studio 2.0 allows you to import content from the web with full layout and styling, so you can generate beautiful content faster than ever before. Simply input a URL and choose the elements to import and it will appear in the editor with all the relevant styling.

You can also import blazing fast and customizable ecommerce integrations from HeadlessApp.Store in one click. These integrations include popular headless ecommerce services, such as recommended products, product reviews, payments and customer acquisition tools.

Headless Shopify storefronts

On top of all of this, we have created the easiest way to launch a headless Shopify storefront that meets the needs of a modern ecommerce business

  • Blazing fast site performance and page loads
  • Visually build and optimize digital experiences
  • Bring in and leverage your developer code components

It's the perfect balance of developer control and business autonomy. Have your developer or agency partner check out our new headless starter for Shopify to learn more.

What's next for Builder Theme Studio?

We have some exciting updates coming soon, such as importing designs from Figma, launching fully customizable headless Shopify storefronts in just a few clicks, and a long list of high performance integrations - so stay tuned!

In the meantime, go grab Theme Studio from the Shopify app store and follow us on twitter to stay up-to-date.

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